Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I decided it was about time i start taking better care of Mistress's property. Me. Some of the things I have been trying to do are drink more water and eat better. As for the drinking, for a very long time I have mainly survived on sweet tea and coffee oh and the occasional cappucino or smoothie. I rarely, if ever drank water. No matter how many times people would tell me I really needed to drink more water. Nope, wasn't happening.

I am doing quite well with that now and have changed four of my sweet teas per day to a bottled water instead. OK, so maybe it isn't quite enough water per day yet but it's a step in the right direction. I just hope I can keep it up but i am sure going to try.

The eating better doesn't really mean as for what i eat but how much....I had a gastric bypass four years ago and do not eat much, I can't. But, given the choice I much prefer to fill up on liquid. and that's exactly what I have done....in the past. But no more. I am trying to eat at least 2 meals and one snack per day. For me that is a huge improvement since in the past it might have been one snack and nothing else but liquids. Or, maybe one tiny meal.

I decided though that as Mistress's slave it is about time i start treating her property better. Afterall if Mistress entrusted me with something precious to her to take care of and i failed to take care of it. What kind of slave would I be?


  1. One thing to help you in your quest to get up to the right amount of water. You should be drinking 1 half your body weight in ounces. So if you weighh 150 you need 75 ounces of water. And that means pure water water, not tea or coffee etc. Sucks doesnt it? I try hard but damn I love tea too.

  2. Damn! Ummm not gonna say how much that would be*blush* but wow thats alot of water! Thank you for the help Miss Marie