Sunday, May 31, 2009

A FunTASKtic Weekend!

This has been one very busy weekend. Alot of fun too. Since Thursday I have done four tasks at the Org. Two of which were writing tasks for Mistress. I absolutely Love tasking for her. Not just because she is my Mistress and I love her but also she is very creative and really makes you think. One task was a story about being invited to her playroom for a surprise. It was alot of fun and I tried to just let my imagination soar. It was a great task and I really enjoyed it.

The second writing task I did for Mistress was a Favorite Poem task. I don't really read much poetry so I selected one that I wrote for another task of her's a couple years ago called Getting In Touch With Your Feelings. My poem is titled Innocence Lost and was about the abuse I suffered as a child and how he can no longer hurt me. And, even though he hurt me others have mended me. I am considering sharing it here on my blog but have not decided yet.

The third task was another one for Miss Marie. Wow this one was a challenge! Especially when combined with my fourth task. For Miss Marie's task I edged for her in the morning after saying the mantra and no more touching until i had left 12 notes in various places stating that my pleasure belongs to Miss Marie. It required a great deal of creativity but I was also extremely horny and just aching to cum. That however was not allowed until twelve notes had been placed and then with the thirteenth I wiped up some of my cum with it and left it behind in the public rest room. *blush*

The fourth one is Anal Retentive weekend and I have been wanting to perform this one for a very long time now. Doing it in combination with the other task increased my horniness by probably about ten fold. I was very aware of my submission and the tasks that were at hand. As of this post the plug is still in and will remain in until Monday morning.

As ya'll can tell I LOVE tasking. I would even call my self a bit of a task-a-holic. LOL. As soon as I complete a task I am in search of another. In fact I need to go look for another one right now. TTFN!

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