Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things That Really Bug Me

  • People who think that just because I am a submissive that I am a doormat. Welcome is not printed anywhere on my body!
  • Doms or wannabes who IM me and say "on your knees bitch." Excuse me I am NOT a bitch, well not yours anyway.
  • People that think I always sit naked at the computer.
  • People who know I am collared and try to hit on me anyway.
  • Doms IMing me and demanding I show them respect immediately. Umm excuse me respect is earned.
  • Fakes, phonies, or wannabes.
  • People who email me demanding I send them a naked picture of myself. Heck even my husband doesn't have one. What makes them think I'll give them one?
  • When other people try and get away with calling me pet. Sorry folks no go!!!That is reserved for my Mistress. Only SHE calls me that. Anyone else trying is apt to see this pets claws! Disrespecting me like that is being disrespectful to my Mistress and something i wont tolerate for one second.

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