Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Did It!!

Sometimes i really amaze myself. I just completed a task at The Org in which i had to cum 13 times within 3 days. I know your thinking easy. Nope it was a challenge even for a horny cum slut like me. The challenging part was not cumming 13 times. I could do that in one day. The challenge was coming up with 13 different ways in which to do it and being creative.

Even though i found it challenging it was great fun. I am so glad my wonderful Mistress instructed me to request it from Miss Marie. Just trying to come up with ideas each time was so exciting to me. Knowing that i was thinking of another way i could please Miss Marie and my Mistress aroused me even more. Knowing my orgasms were not my own. They were not for MY pleasure. These thoughts left me in a constant state of being aroused.

This task gave me such a submissive feeling. It was truly a wonderful experience. I am giving up control of my orgasms to Mistress and i know she is working on a task for me just for that purpose. (and no i'm not peeking LOL) I am looking forward to seeing what she has come up with for me though and i know it will be fantastic and help me feel that deep submissive feeling that i so crave.

I have learned so much from her these past few years since i have been her slave. I have grown more than i ever thought possible. Achieved things i once thought impossible. Mistress has always had faith in me though so i guess i need to have a bit more in myself.

Now i need another task. Hmmmm what to do next?

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