Sunday, May 10, 2009

7 AM And Still up

Ok it's 7:00 AM my time(central) and I have yet to really get any sleep. I'm not sure exactly why. (I did try to sleep Mistress, really I did.)Maybe it's because I'm horny as hell and can not do anything about it today. You see I am doing a task for Miss Marie, a really wonderful, naughty task. And there is no playing on task day. :( Normally this would not have been a problem for me but the past couple weeks at least I have been such a horny cum slut and just can't seem to stop. I have been cumming several times per day. Does that make me a greedy slave? Hmmm I dunno.

I have been looking forward to today's task. It allows me to be naughty in public yet no one but me knows my dirty little secret. Something I really have alot of fun with *Big Grin* My poor mother-in-law if only she knew the things I have done while having lunch out with her at a restaurant.

Well I guess I better try again to at least get a few hours before it is time to go out. Maybe if i try my special relaxation technique that will work. And No it does not involve a vibe of any kind. LOL

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