Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am such a task-a-holic. If I'm not tasking at the org or for my Mistress I feel like I am climbing the walls. Luckily lately i have had plenty of tasks to keep me busy. One of my more recent tasks was a custom task created for me by Miss Marie. I thnk it is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks that i have done to date. LOL and it was all things I asked for. It had elements such as speech restriction, orgasm control/denial, bathroom control. pussy spanks and edges for the next day if i did not make the previous day's orgasm requirements. There was also a daily mantra and position training. It was a very intense task.

The next one i did was a task created by my wonderful Mistress *grin* I had been waiting to do it since seeing it in the task development area. Finally I got my chance and I had oh so much fun. It was Blindfold 2. A kicked up version of her first blindfold task. It had oh so much more than being blindfolded. I had so much fun with it. There was more position training and a mantra which I wrote myself to be special for Mistress. Wanting to give the task and my Mistress my all I did way more than the two positions she asked for.

The mantra and position training was only the first part of the task. There was more. *grin* I also had to while blindfolded pick two toys from a collection there were several spanking implements as well as some vibes. My luck I picked out two spanking implements one of which I love to hate, the wooden spoon. But I did get to finally have an orgasm. I hadn't had one for two days and was VERY horny. When i finally was able to have my orgasm for Mistress it was one of those really intense, grip the sheets and pull them off the bed squirting orgasms. I also stayed completely naked until receiving permission from Mistress to get dressed. Something I don't do on a normal basis as I HATE being naked.

My next two tasks were so much fun as well. One challenged my creativity in finding things around the house to spank myself with. It was such a fun challenge. The next one while maybe not much in the challenge department was just plain fun. I had to gather all of my shoes and spank each ass cheek with them. I also had to include hubby's and Mistress' shoes. I did not realize how many shoes I really have. It was alot of fun and I will always remember the task now every time I put my shoes on. LOL. Sadly now I am without a task. I am trying to wait and see if perhaps I get an assignment this time. While I do like requesting tasks it is really nice getting assignments. It just adds to that submissive feeling that I love. Well I think I have rambled enough for now.

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