Thursday, June 18, 2009

Edge Training

I am starting a new task tomorrow called edge training 101. I have to confess while I am excited to be doing this task I am a bit nervous about it as well. I have never been that good at holding an edge for any length of time. I know the TM does not expect perfection She just expects me to try my best. It's me that is the problem I sometimes expect perfection from myself. I've gotten much better about this though in the past few years. I am not near as hard on myself as I used to be. I know I am going to try my absolute best on this task (as I do all of them) and that is all that is asked of me. Also as Mistress pointed out its training. So I just need to relax, do my best and enjoy. Oh and try to not get so nervous that I bite my nails because I don't want another punishment. I just want to please Mistress.....and as an added bonus have pretty(natural)nails for once in my life. :) Now if only i could figure out how to scratch my own back. ;)

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